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Electric Issues Caused by Weather

The weather may affect your electrical system in a variety of ways. Most weather damage requires immediate repair from emergency repair services. Your service will not be disrupted if your damage is minor. You may have electricity and it may be functioning “as usual,” but it might be harmful. There are a few things you should look for after a storm. Here are a handful of examples of electrical damage.

Damaged Weather Head Or Bent Electrical Mast

A tree branch has fallen on the electric lines that go from your house to your house. You still have power, but the pole has been bent. This is something you should not overlook. You will want the services of a certified electrician to fix the damage. This mast is critical to your electrical system’s safety. It prevents electrical wires from contacting the ground and prevents people from touching power wires. There is a fire danger if any of the wires in the mast are compromised. Don’t ignore the weather damage that has occurred.

Outlets that have been flooded

Have you ever stepped into your garage after heavy rain and discovered it fully flooded? Water does so much damage that you may not think about, but you must ensure that the outlets in your garage are secure and functional. Faulty outlets are a major source of fire in any household. If you notice burn marks on your outlets, feel the heat from them, or smell burning, they require quick care.

Tripping Hazards

Winter is a very demanding season for power. Heating systems, Christmas decorations, portable heaters, and other electrical devices place tremendous strain on your home’s electrical infrastructure. A tripped breaker indicates a major problem that must be handled. This indicates that you are consuming too much power on that circuit. The operation of the breaker tripping is a safety precaution designed to prevent overheating and, perhaps, a fire. If your breakers are tripping, regardless of the season, you should get your electrical system inspected.

Light Fixtures and Other Electrical Fixtures in Your Home

A storm can damage or remove a plethora of objects from the exteriors of our homes. So, if your porch light is destroyed, the electricity to your shed is cut, or another outdoor electrical is destroyed, it must be restored as soon as possible.

But what to do when you have encountered such a situation? Before the warm weather arrives, go through these instructions to make sure you know what to do.

Don’t be alarmed! Take a step back and evaluate the situation.

If lightning strikes your house or the surrounding region and you start to smell smoke, keep your cool, grab your phone, and get yourself and your family out of there as soon as possible! Though home lightning strikes are uncommon, they are responsible for approximately 90% of lightning-related deaths, nearly 80% of injuries, and nearly 70% of property damage.

Make a Decision: Should You Hire a Professional Electrician?

You must think intelligently in the middle of an electrical disaster. How well do you understand domestic electrical work? Or do you mean electrical work in general? If the response ranges from “not much” to “nothing at all,” it’s time to bring in the experts.

Inquire About Other Electrical Upgrades

When the emergency electrician comes, don’t be afraid to ask about other electrical modifications that might improve your system’s safety. If you own an older house and the wiring hasn’t been updated in years, there’s a good probability that various components need to be replaced.


The weather may affect your electrical system in a variety of ways. Maintain vigilance in repairs and don’t dismiss any type of damage, no matter how little. You can also be prepared for storms by installing a whole-house generator.

We constantly say ‘Safety First’ at OK Bright Electric. If you suspect a problem with your electrical system and you‘re looking for an electrician in Norman, please contact us for a safety assessment. A simple investment yields peace of mind in knowing that you and your family are safe and secure.

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