Electrical Repair Services

Electrical Repair Services

Electrical Wiring Repairs & Wiring Services

Some of the household appliances are essential to every home. Electrical appliances can stop working anytime without warning or any sign, leaving you wondering how you will get your electrical appliances working correctly. The most crucial component of your electrical system is your home’s electrical wiring.

Electrical wiring is also one of your home’s more intricate systems and working with it isn’t just tricky: it’s also dangerous. No matter how urgent electrical repairs seem, it is not safe to handle them on your own. Your safety is the most important for you and your loved ones. If you don’t have professional training, you should hire a professional electrical wiring services specialist.

At Bright Electric, we have expert electricians for your electrical repair services. Our maintenance electricians are licensed, background checked and professionally trained. According to Local and NEC codes, our Electricians provide high-quality electrical repair services that keep your electrical system safe and secure.

What type of Electrical Repair Services Do We Provide?

You need a periodic electrical inspection for your home safety. Bright Electrical has a professional inspection team to thoroughly check your electrical system, devices, and electrical wiring, making sure to eliminate potential electrical hazards. Bright Electric offers electrical repair services for residential and commercial electrical repairs.

Emergency Electrical Repairs

An electrical emergency can occur at any time in the electrical system. Undoubtedly, electricity is vital for our modern life; We use electricity for lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, medical purposes, operating applicants, electronics, and computers. We understand the necessity and urgency of your electrical needs.
Bright electric team can be there 24-7 for your electrical emergency services, provide affordable and effective electrical repairs. You can always count on us when it comes to dealing with electrical emergencies. Our team is dedicated and uses the latest high-quality tolls to diagnose the electrical problem and ensure that you receive safe and quality work.

Upgrading Old Electrical Wiring

Ensuring the safety of your family and house is the most crucial goal of our job. Local and National Electrical Codes (NEC) have changed every three years to ensure your family’s safety. Old wiring-even knob and tubing wiring that dates to the early 20 century. Even homes built as recently as the 1980s could have wiring that does not meet today’s regulations. The tiniest electrical fault could jeopardize your home’s safety. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, poor electrical wiring is the leading cause of residential fires in the United States.

Electrical switches and outlets Repairs

Be sure your home is equipped with the right and proper electrical outlet. Different types of outlets are suitable for further use if you know the right ones installed at home. The modern outlet’s built-in compassionate electronics system for safety.
You have a lot of options to choose from for the right fit for your need. The Bright Electric team will help you to understand all the newer outlets and safety features.

  • 15 Amp outlets
  • 20 Amp outlets
  • Smart Outlets
  • USB Outlets
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets
  • Tamper-Resistant Outlets
  • Switched Outlets
  • 20 Amp 250 Volt Outlets

Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker is a critical component of your primary safety during electrical faults. Some Folks call fuse or fuse box. IF anything stops working, the first place to check the circuit breaker. The tripping circuit breaker an alarm of potential electrical hazard. Bright Electric can eliminate the faulty circuit and repair the defective circuit or device to ensure the safety of your electrical wiring.

Electrical Panel Repair

An electrical panel controls the energy flowing to all sections of your home. Constant overloading of your electrical panel can cause fire and many other electrical hazards. Overload, an electrical panel, can generate a lot of heat and energy losses; regular inspection of your electric panel and upgrading electrical panel according to load prevents potential fires and damages electrical appliances.

Electrical Safety Inspection

When you buy a new home for your loved ones, it is imperative to conduct a safety inspection of your home by a licensed electrician. An electrical inspection is designed to give you a clear picture of the property’s condition, including electrical upgrades that you might need.
Our electricians can help you identify potential hazards, such as faulty wiring within an electrical panel, wiring according to new electrical codes, and testing the electrical wiring and devices.

Lighting Repair

Lights are the most common need in any house for you to keep life moving forward. Whether indoor, outdoor, patio, or landscape lighting, Bright Electric specialists will create a safer environment. We can help install and repair lighting that meets the highest standard.

  • Indoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Pole Lighting
  • Pole Lighting

Ceiling Fan Repairs

When the temperature rises in Oklahoma, ceiling fans are a great way to keep yourself cool during the summer while saving your energy bill. If your ceiling fan is not working, no matter what problem you face with your ceiling fan. Our dedicated electricians carry hundreds of components in our Bright Electric vans, allowing us to solve ceiling fan repair services with high industry standards.

Fast and Reliable Electrical Services

Our electricians are all licensed and certified, have extensive training, and have a wealth of expertise. As a result, we can guarantee high-quality work and courteous customer care on every task. We also promise that your wiring will meet local codes and standards after we’ve finished working on it. And while this may not seem significant right now, it will be if you decide to sell your property in the future. It’s critical to ensure that your home’s power is correctly wired for your safety, your electrical system, and its resale value. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Do not hesitate to reach us today at (405) 212-6252.

When searching for a reliable electrician, call us at (405) 212-6252. We specialize in electrical repairs, indoor and outdoor lighting installations, panel upgrades, and even hot tub wiring!

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