Electrical Switches & Outlet Services

Electrical Switches & Outlet Services

Repair And Installation Of Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlet and switch installation service is something you’d need quite often. Whether you’re bringing new appliances or giving your living space a makeover, there will obviously be a need to repair or install new electrical switches and outlets. It’s important to know that constant and smooth power delivery is pretty much controlled from electrical outlets, which is why you should only invest in the right things to protect your valuables at home.

At Bright Electric, we have all the efficient and reliable electrical switches and outlets that we provide to homeowners and offices. Our experts will leave your home with all the safe and functional electrical equipment. By providing top-notch services, and improving our customer service everyday, we build strong relationships with our clients.

Searching for the right electrical assistance right now? Get in touch with our emergency electrician services right away. Call us for all sorts of work, whether it’s outlet installation, electrical repair, wiring, electric panel repair, ceiling fan repair, smoke detector installation, circuit breaker repair and replacement, or commercial electrician services. We are always available on our land line (405) 212 6252.

Repair And Installation Services

If you’ve discovered that your home’s electrical switches and outlets aren’t operating as well as they used to, or that they can’t retain the plug, it may be time to repair or replace them. Having faulty outlets can pose a severe shock and fire risk. If your outlets ignite when you plug or unplug an appliance, it’s time to install a new outlet. You should not attempt to repair or replace your outlets without the assistance of a professional.

A typical residential electrical outlet is made up of two three-pronged, polarized receptacles. Each receptacle includes a 120-volt “hot,” a neutral, and a ground wire. Because the regulation mandates both ground and bound wire, it assures both functional and safe power transmission to your home.

Here at Bright Electric, our professionals have all the tools and techniques to perform electrical work at your place. We work on the guidelines and instructions set out by the electrical contractors and associations of Oklahoma City, whether it’s IEC OKC, OK NECA, or OAEC. We have a comprehensive list of services, some of which include:

If you’re looking for assistance for electrical issues, do not wait a minute further. Contact our emergency electricians today. Our land line is always up and available, call on (405) 212-6252.

GFCI Plugs

Ground-fault circuit interrupters are used in GFCI outlets. These outlets have tested and reset buttons, which are used to assist prevent electric shocks. Since GFCIs are required in all houses, older homeowners may need to upgrade their outlets to GFCI outlets to make their homes safe.

Because these locations are frequently wet which can cause trouble in wiring, the electrical code requires GFCI outlets to be placed in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces. The built-in characteristic of GFCI outlets assures safety. For instance, if you were blow-drying your hair and accidentally dropped the drier into a sink full of water, the GFCI outlet would shut off the circuit to prevent electric shock.

Contact Our Experts in Outlets and Switches

At Bright Electric, we care about our customers as we work with one goal in mind: to leave the home in a better, safer, and more efficient condition as compared to how we found it. Our electricians are licensed, trained, and qualified to tackle any type of electrical outlet installation. Our electricians have the expertise to perform all the electrical related tasks, whether it’s installation, servicing, ceiling fan repair or replacement, electric panel repair, electrical outlet repairing or outdoor lighting installation. Our crew understands how busy you are and how precious your time is, which is why we will always arrive on time and get things done at the earliest.

When searching for a reliable electrician, call us at (405) 212-6252. We specialize in electrical repairs, indoor and outdoor lighting installations, panel upgrades, and even hot tub wiring!

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