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As the business world is evolving rapidly, so is the need to transport. We’re now seeing a new paradigm of transport with the advent of electric cars. In the past few years, there has been an immense rise in the number of electric cars on the road. While these cars are certainly very economic and energy-efficient, it must be noted that it’s not easy to properly charge them from your home sockets. This approach can result in various forms of negative consequences.

This is where Bright Electric is comes to your rescue. Have an electric car at home? Don’t worry about it’s maintenance and recharging. Bright Electric has all the expertise and the right tools to get your car up and going again! Our experts will come to your place and install the Electric vehicle charger station that has the power to charge your car at the optimum rate.

Get in touch with our EV charger installation electricians today and bring your efficient car back on the road. Call at (405) 212 6252 and select a unit that fits perfect at your home and with your vehicle!

Choose The Best EV Charger

While you’re considering all the options, start by identifying your needs. There are several levels of EV chargers available. Majority of people choose to charge their car overnight using the level 1 charger, but certain other prefer the features provided by the level 2 charger.

Once you’re connected with our emergency electricians, they’ll help you with all the things you need, which includes:

  • Determining your home’s ability to support the level 2 charger

  • Choosing the right charger that’s compatible with your car

  • Fixing and upgrading the electrical systems at your home for safe operation

  • Electric vehicle charger installation according to the National Electrical Code and local codes. You may find these on OK NECA

Our local electrical inspectors have significant training and expertise, and we they can perform any electric car charging station installation project securely and properly. If you have any issues with your EV charging station, we can provide servicing, repairs, and replacements.

Types of EV Chargers

The capacity of an electric car to fast recharge is determined by two factors: the electrical supply in the home and the EV charging device utilized. There are three types of EV chargers. Chargers at level one are the slowest, while chargers at level three are the quickest.

Chargers at Level 1

An electric car comes equipped with a level 1 charger. These chargers are best for slow overnight charging because they use a normal household outlet.

Chargers at Level 2

Level two chargers are more efficient, but they must be installed by an electrician. These chargers require a dedicated 240-volt circuit to provide a high enough current to charge an electric vehicle at a quicker rate. Level 2 chargers may provide up to 70 miles of range every hour of charging! These are the most common home charging solutions.

Chargers at Level 3

Level 3 EV chargers are extremely fast, but they require an industrial power source, making them difficult to install for homes. These chargers can charge an electric vehicle’s battery to 80% capacity in less than 30 minutes. Level 3 chargers are generally not installable at home.

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Here at Bright Electric, we strive to provide our people the safety and smooth functioning they deserve. Our experts are highly trained and experienced in this field, and there’s no work they can’t do! Whether it’s outdoor lighting installation, emergency electrical services, electric panel repair/replacement, circuit breaker repair, commercial lighting services, generator repair, smart sprinkler repair and installation, or any other electric-related work you may have at your place. Our crew is always on time, well-trained, and offers a satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.

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