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22 Mar, 2022
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How To Install An Outlet For Your Electric Stove

Electric stoves are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. The safety and convenience they offer are something that convinces everyone to install them in their homes. An electric stove has an integrated heating device that generates heat and allows the food to cook. They are slowly becoming an alternative to solid fuel stoves because they demand regular maintenance and involve more labor in their operations.

In order to install this user-friendly device in your home, you need to have an outlet and an electric stove plug. If you want to get rid of those fire-spotting stoves, you can read ahead to learn precautionary measures and methods of installation for an electric stove outlet.

Use A 220-Volt Outlet:

An electric stove requires more energy than most other house appliances. This is the reason why a 110-volt outlet will not be suitable for an electric stove plug. If you live in the United States, there is a high chance that your house contains 110-volt outlets only, however, the requirement for an electric stove outlet is different. You can install new, high voltage outlets during a kitchen remodeling session, so you can plug in your electric stove safely.

Electrical works are always associated with certain risks. An amateur or unqualified person may not be able to handle the task of an outlet installation. If you are not confident that you can do the installation yourself, get help from an electrician.

Electric Stove Outlet Voltage And Wiring Requirements:

When you install a 220-volt outlet for your electric stove, the appliance will be able to withdraw more power. This way, it will generate heat quickly and be able to maintain the temperature. These outlets are also great for other large electronic devices such as dryers and water heaters, however, they may need small changes.

The standard requirement for electric stove outlet installation or handling any other electrical work is shutting off the power at its source. This would require you to unlock the circuit box and turn off the main power source from there. By doing that, you will disconnect the power supply of your entire house. It is also essential to check whether the power is properly turned off by turning on a few electrical devices. This will protect you and your family from getting electric shock by the surges of power caused by the improper shutdown.

Cables, Breakers & Outlets:

Once you have turned off the main supply from the circuit box, you need to add a new switch there in order to operate your new outlet. Remember that if you want to install a double-wide circuit breaker switch, you need two open slots lying in the same row. Now follow the guidelines mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual to proceed with the installation.

It will most probably ask you to attach a connector to one side of the circuit box. This will enable you to connect an electrical cable for your new outlet to the box. However, the task requires absolute care of safety, so make sure that you are taking all the precautionary measures. If the work seems too risky, ask an electrician to perform it instead. They will install the plug efficiently and ensure maximum security for you.

The next step requires running the cable through your house walls and bringing it to the point where you want to plug in your electric stove. Drilling the frame of the house will help bring cable to the kitchen without obstructing the rest of the wiring or utility systems. Once that is done, you can remove the insulation present at the end of your cable and attach it to your new outlet. Now connect the outlet to the walls with screws, and you are good to go.

Electric Stove Plugging Method:

Next, you should fix the cable by running it through the connector installed in your circuit box. Wire it into the circuit breaker, and do not forget to hook up the grounding terminal right after. Now everything is wired and connected, which means it is time for testing.

Turn off the breaker of the new outlet and switch back on the main power of the house. Turn the new breaker on and check the power supply of the new outlet with the help of a voltmeter. Your electric stove is now ready to heat up and start cooking.

There are different electric stove plug types, and you need to make sure that the outlet you’re installing is compatible with the plug type of your electric stove. It is essential to follow the exact process of wiring in an outlet installation to successfully operate your appliance. If you are not very confident that you are doing the wiring correctly, you can always connect with an electrician.

At Bright Electric, we have the most professional and qualified electricians. They will help you install an outlet for your stove and safely plug in the device. Visit our website to obtain an appointment today!

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