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16 Mar, 2022
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Understanding The Colors Of Electrical Wires: The Basics

The HVAC system you are enjoying right now works on a complex electrical mechanism. Most of the necessities and luxuries that you enjoy these days are electric-powered.

The red, white, black wires that you often see in electric systems are basically keeping the world running.

People may not understand their significance, but we do. Just to give you a perspective, if all the black wires are plugged into some other place than their destined place, the electrical systems around the globes will collapse!

So the colors may not jump up to be significant to you, but they are. And you should have a fair knowledge about it. You are surrounded by wires. Though they are masked, they are there. Knowing about them can keep you safe.

Why Are Wires Color-Coded?

Electrical wires were color-coded back in the late 1800s. This was done to avoid unnecessary electrical mishaps. Back then, the risks were significantly lower than what they are right now.

A little short circuit because of wrong wire placements can cause fires and casualties. That’s no Bueno, right?

So from very early on, the electrical risks were mitigated by color-coding the wires.

Knowing Your Wires Can Be Helpful

There are several benefits to knowing the wire colors. You can spot the electrical problems timely, fix little problems here and there, or at least respond timely in case of an electrical emergency.

The benefits are many. That’s why we are here to set your wire basics right. Read till the end. Once you are done, give yourself a pat on the back for knowing the basic wiring!

After this, we hope that the red black white colors won’t cause confusion in your head.

Let’s decode the colors.

What Color Wire Serves Which Purpose?

Black Wires

Let’s end the confusion ‘is white or black wire hot’ right away. Black wires are hot wires. They are the ones that need the most care. Black wires are live wires which means that it is transmitting current at any given moment.

You must have seen the movies where a person gets shocked by touching a wire, right? The person probably touched a naked black wire.

Red Wires

What is the red wire in the electrical system? Well, electrical wires are the secondary hot wires. They don’t have a high-intensity flow of current like the black one but still pose serious threats of electrocution.

You need to deal with this one with caution as well. Carelessness can be fatal.

Green Wires

Green wires are for grounding. No other purpose is extracted out of this one.

Your electrician will definitely fix it in the right way for you. But if you ever try your hands at it, never use the green wire for another purpose. Because anyone who’ll touch the system other than you will consider it a grounding wire and be exposed to the risk of electrocution.

White Wires

These are the neutral wires. Usually, no current flows through them. But there’s a chance that they may carry power. The point is that you need to handle these ones with absolute care as well.

Blue & Yellow Wires

Blue and yellow wires can also be hot wires. They are used when there’s a special need for them in the system.

What’s Next?

Knowing wire basics is essential. But you should never try and go in to handle your electrical needs without proper supervision.

It is always better to call in a certified electrician to look after your needs. Be it your house or office. With the necessary equipment and education about electrical systems, you can put lives at risk.

If there’s a problem with your systems, then get professional help. Knowing the color codes can help you fix basics, like a wall fan or light. But that’s pretty much it.

It shall not make you equivalent of a technician that has the right training and years of experience.

A lot of people try and save their money by avoiding an electrician and trying to make things work by themselves. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The risk involved is not worth the money that you save.

If you are a champ with this, cool. If you aren’t, then better not to deal with the electrical problems solo.

Final Words

If you are looking for certified electricians, call us right away. Bright Electric is a team of qualified and experienced electricians who can solve any and all your electrical problems.

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