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19 Mar, 2022
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What Is A Ground Wire, And Why Is It Important?

You have probably heard the name “ground wire” somewhere, but what does it do, and where is it installed? They are fixed in the outlets placed on different walls in your home. In order to ensure maximum safety, you should be aware of their functions and precautionary measures. Read this blog to learn more about this element in your home and achieve maximum electrical safety.

Function Of A Ground Wire:

Now, you might be wondering, “What does a grounding wire do?”. This electrical wire runs in the ground and supplies electricity to your outlets. It carries electric energy and gives a safe space for electrical charge storage. Back in the 1960s, the electrical code requirements made ground wiring the standardized system for all houses in the US. Along with this announcement, some safety instructions were also provided, so people can protect themselves by following codes of conduct for this type of electrical wiring.

Today, almost every home in the region has grounded outlets and underground electrical panels. This was essential to protect the public from the risks associated with pole wiring. A ground wire provides any excess electrical charges a safe storage space. The composition of the earth’s land makes it prone to a negative electrical charge. This means that any positive charge present underneath will be significantly attracted by the mass of the earth.

A ground wire directs these positive charges towards the ground in a defined and controlled manner. This is where they get discharged to prevent fires or electric shocks.

Insulation To Electrical Shocks:

Every home carries excess electrical charges in its electrical lines. This is why surge protectors are installed to protect our electronics and charge carrying devices. As these objects are likely to contain surges from malfunctioning of transformers and lightning strikes, that is why the use of surge protectors is essential.

Whenever we turn on a large electrical appliance or device, there is a likelihood of a surge. You probably don’t feel it, but they are occurring almost every single day. For example, when you start your air conditioner or turn on your tube light, there is sometimes a minor flicker of light. This is a  sign that there was a surge of electrical energy, albeit minor.

These surges are not involved in a grounded electrical system. Any excess electricity produced within the system is attracted into the ground, saving your outlets from the influx of excessive charges. However, when a home has ungrounded electrical charges, the surge can be quite dangerous.

Sometimes, they travel through the human body to reach the ground. As our body has the ability to conduct electricity, it makes us exposed to this risk. So when a person touches an electrical outlet that is not grounded and is producing surges at the moment, you are likely to get an electric shock. The electricity enters the body through the body part touching the electrical source and enters the ground through your feet. This can end up in burns, nerve damage, and even fatality in case of extremely powerful surges.

Alternatively, electricity can also find a way through the objects and structural elements of your home. This can spark a fire and expose your appliances to the risk of burning. If there are any plugged devices in your home, there is a high chance that the surge will damage your television, air fryer, or ironing machine by carrying excess charges through them.

Does this answer your query about what is a ground wire? There are several ways this system makes your electrical network more secure for you and your family.

How To Find Out If Your Home Has Grounded Outlets:

The most obvious sign that your house does not have a grounded electrical system is double slot outlets. Most grounded outlets contain three slots, and the round and d-shaped slot among them is the one that is attached with a ground wire.

Especially if you have a newly constructed home, chances are, there is a properly installed grounded electrical system in it. However, if your house was built near the 1960s, it may have both kinds of outlets, i.e. ground and ungrounded. When DIY techniques or substandard electrical upgrades are made to convert an old ungrounded system into a grounded one, it makes the network vulnerable to damage.

If you are still not sure about which system is installed in your home, the best option is to get a professional inspection. Connect with Bright Electric to have an expert electrician come and perform a thorough check-up of your electrical system. They will detect any risk factors and will help upgrade your electrical system by installing house grounding wires.

Our network is efficiently supplied with skilled and determined electrical experts. You can leave the responsibility of grounded outlets installations in your house to us for best results.


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